Reddit users offered some thoughtful responses after a poster asked for an explanation for why some people don’t exercise.

“People who don’t exercise or workout, why don’t you?” one user asked.

Many explained that because their occupations are so strenuous, they don’t feel the need to use workout equipment after hours.

Man during bench press exercise in gym
Man during bench press exercise in gym (iStock)

“I work construction and honestly after working all day going up and down ladders and moving equipment, I am all set,” one user, RocMerc, said.

“Over the last few years I lost almost 20 kg of weight. Went from a desk job to handling a workshop full of machines. Setting up and moving heavy metal parts all day. Plus I commute 2x 8 km a day by bicycle if the weather permits it,” another replied.


“I was big into the gym before I did labouring on building sites,” another agreed. “Before that I was working from home on Zoom all day even when the gyms reopened. I was training hard 5 days a week. In the 7 weeks I did construction, I think I made it to the gym twice. Even for a young, physically fit and strong guy, most days I barely had the energy to play drums after work.”

It wasn’t just those in construction jobs who said they were able to keep the pounds off without going to the gym.

“This is me,” another user said. “I’ve spent years trying to eat right and go to the gym and couldn’t keep motivated to keep the pounds off. I took a job as a kindergarten teacher in a large city. So now I spend my days chasing kids and walking everywhere. No diet changes and I’ve lost 65 pounds in a year and a half.”

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