Logan Paul, a YouTuber, has expressed regret to followers who lost money after betting on his cryptocurrency game, CryptoZoo.

The 27-year-old urged others to purchase cryptocurrency collectibles for a “very entertaining game that makes you money,” in the words of the man.

But more than a year after it was first announced, no game has appeared, and Paul seems to have given up on the endeavor.

Paul says he wants to “make this right” in response to another YouTuber’s inquiry into the company.


After initially being discussed on Paul’s podcast Impaulsive, CryptoZoo was released in 2021.

Paul, who has more than 23 million subscribers on YouTube, claimed to have invested “probably about one million” dollars in the creation of CryptoZoo and to have a “huge team” working on it.

According to the CryptoZoo website, enhancements are being made.

It was stated as follows in a now-deleted description: “an autonomous ecosystem that enables exotic animal and hybrid trading between ZooKeepers. CryptoZoo is a straightforward, enjoyable game with well-known features that combines bitcoin with Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) “.

Before it was taken down, the homepage’s description and pictures
CryptoZoo, Image Source
picture caption
The now-defunct CryptoZoo home page
In the initiative, cartoon egg images were sold as NFTs with the promise that when collected, they would hatch into a variety of other animal images.

Then, collectors may “breed” their animal photos to produce new species and earn revenue in the associated cryptocurrency $ZOO.

Numerous games including the animal NFT graphics were promised for 2022 in a project roadmap that has since been withdrawn, but no playable elements were ever provided.

Although the number of investors in CryptoZoo is unknown, the project’s Discord server has roughly 500 users.

However, Paul ceased discussing CryptoZoo and appeared to have given up on the venture after selling NFTs and cryptocurrency coins valued at millions of dollars.

The BBC’s request for feedback from Paul’s staff has not received a response.

Logan Paul joins WWE and is preparing for Summerslam.
Paul and Mayweather continue to debate.
A three-part video series exposing CryptoZoo was started last month by bitcoin scam investigator Stephen Findeisen, also known as Coffeezilla on YouTube. He called the platform a “scam.”

The American investor claimed to have spoken to customers from all around the world who had spent hundreds, even thousands of dollars on CryptoZoo products and were upset with Paul.

Coffeezilla accused Paul of swindling investors and leaving them after selling them “worthless” digital goods in his videos, which have received close to 18 million views.

In a furious response video on Thursday, Paul admitted that he had hired “conmen” and “felons” for the project, but he claimed that this was the cause of the failures.

He vowed to sue Mr. Findeisen and claimed that he had misrepresented the truth.

However, Paul removed his video on Saturday and apologized to the investigator.

He added that he will be “taking accountability, apologizing, and coming up with a plan in the near future” on the CryptoZoo Discord page.

KSI vs. Logan Paul 2 press conference in Los Angeles with Logan Paul on stage IMAGE SOURCE: GETTY IMAGES
Paul stated in the image caption that CryptoZoo would someday “enter the metaverse.” Paul has not provided any additional information regarding how he intends to pay back investors or relaunch CryptoZoo.

After hearing Impaulsive, one 34-year-old American guy revealed to BBC News that he had spent $40,000 (£33,000) on NFT eggs.

We all initially believed that the project was having some difficulties, but Logan’s method of dragging everyone along before abruptly abandoning it without explanation, in his words, was wrong.

“I believe Logan is only now making an effort to make atonement for the Coffeezilla videos.

“I want the project finished and Logan to follow through on what he promised at the beginning, not a refund.

Although I don’t believe it will ever be as large as it could have been, I believe it is crucial that the “founders” keep their promises to investors.

Paul pushed the unsuccessful digital coin Dink Doink in June 2021, and that project has also been connected to him.

Image taken from a video that Logan Paul posted in the Aokigahara forest in Japan. SOURCE: TWITTER/LOGAN PAUL
Logan Paul issued an apology after sharing a video from the Japanese forest of Aokigahara, where a man had committed himself.
Before concentrating on YouTube, Paul originally rose to fame online by posting brief video clips to the video-sharing website Vine.

He had a significant backlash in 2017 after a video surfaced of what appeared to be a suicide victim’s body in Japan.

Paul and his brother Jake, who is also a YouTuber, have just turned pro and compete in high-profile and lucrative boxing matches against other YouTubers or ex-martial artists.

Paul has lately earned a contract to compete in the World Wrestling Entertainment series and has also recently created a beverage brand named Prime.

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