When Michael-Anthony Spearman was growing up, he remembers there being only one place for guys like him to shop: the big and tall store. Now 36, he’s one of the fashion influencers on social media shifting the conversation around size and style.

Starting his Instagram account @TheBigGuyFashion in 2011 as a fun way to show off his style, Spearman didn’t see anyone with his same aesthetic, so he decided to fill the gap himself – and has been doing that ever since.

“I definitely want to present myself in such a way where I could be the guy that I wanted to see growing up,” he says. “I am a man of color. I am a certain size… Even though the industry doesn’t necessarily pay attention to this niche, that always motivates me – providing that representation.”

Amanda Marzoff, a partner at management firm Underscore Talent, says “there isn’t just a desire for more size inclusive fashion, there’s a need.” And while the need was invisible for a long time, she explains “influencers have likely been the largest force in shifting and positively adding to the conversation around bodies and sizing.”

And people are taking notice. Spearman’s Instagram boasts more than 43,600 followers and this year he’s nominated for emerging fashion influencer of the year by the American Influencer Awards.

“We are getting more recognition. Brands are starting to see that it is a viable niche, a niche that needs to be served and I’m so glad that even my little page, my blog or social media have played a role in that,” Spearman, who runs @MenofSize, says.

Michael-Anthony Spearman started his account to show that big and tall can also mean stylish.
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