They have millions of followers. They have the cutest faces. And they’re four-legged and furry?

That’s right, we’re talking about pet influencers.

From Grumpy Cat to Noodle the Pug (rest in peace), social media famous felines and other furry friends have a hold on audiences online.

Why are they some of our favorite influencers to follow? We spoke to the human companions of some famous pets to get the scoop on why these unexpected celebs pull in so many followers – and it’s not just about their boop-able snouts and hilarious personalities.

Why are we following so many cats and dogs?
They don’t judge and don’t draw comparisons to the curated, perfect lives on many Instagram accounts.
We are spending more time with our pets than in the past two decades. The American Time Use Survey shows that 20% of Americans reported spending time with pets in 2021.
Studies have shown watching pets virtually can have positive impacts.
Pet parents explain popularity
Courtney Budzyn says she was surprised her “goofy Golden Retriever” Tucker now has more than 3 million followers.
Courtney Budzyn, mom to Tucker of the Instagram account @TuckerBudzyn, says she never expected her goofy golden retriever to have such an impact.

Since starting her Instagram in 2018, Tucker’s followers have exploded to more than 3.3 million and he’s nominated for pet influencer of the year at this year’s American Influencer Awards after winning the category last year.

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Tucker and his son Todd are pet influencers.
What’s the appeal of her pups (Tucker’s son Todd also has his own page) and others online? Budzyn describes them as “therapy dogs on the go.”

“It really soothes people’s anxiety and depression. I’ve had a few people say that when they’re having a panic attack they’ll go and watch Tucker’s videos and it really helps them.”

Social media is full of toxic consumption and comparisons, especially to human influencers’ perfect posts. But with pets, there’s no pressure.

“When you’re looking at other people’s stuff, you’re like, ‘Oh, I’m not good enough.’ With a dog, you don’t feel that way. You just watch them living life rolling in the grass, feeling free and just being a happy dog.”

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