T. J. Holmes and Amy Robach’s futures at ABC have been decided. Following a Thursday mediation session, the two have been fired from GMA3 and ABC News.

According to a statement from an ABC News representative, “We all concluded it’s best for everyone that Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes move on from ABC News after several fruitful conversations with them about their choices. We appreciate their contributions and applaud their talent and dedication over the years.

Robach’s future at the network was still up in the air when three sources told ET earlier that Holmes would not return to ABC even though exit agreements had not yet been signed on the dotted line.

Nobody intended for it to get to this point, but damaging material just kept popping up. Most individuals were aware that this would be the verdict once the probe had lasted for several weeks, a source told ET. “T.J. will be compensated. The bonds are broken. “T.J.’s difficulties garnered all the headlines, but Amy is no angel,” the person continued.

Robach has always been professional and has taken her work and position extremely seriously, according to a different source who spoke to ET. The source responded to one allegation that Robach drank at work and had alcohol in her office by saying, “It’s customary to have drinks while on assignment, and/or to be gifted stuff that are more adult in character from various companies. However, it is ridiculous to think that she was drinking at work and arrived at work while inebriated. If that were the case, her actions would have become apparent years ago. When Amy is actually only to blame for falling for her colleague, it shocks me to hear all the accusations against her.

The revelation was initially reported by TMZ, which stated that both anchors would get payments in accordance with their contracts following the “very contentious” mediation, during which ABC representatives accused Holmes and Robach of different wrongdoing.

Non-disclosure clauses are frequent in settlements, according to Law & Crime President Rachel Stockman in an interview with ET.

“It is typical, usually if there is some kind of payout, you would sign in many cases a non-disclosure agreement in those agreements,” said Stockman. Basically, these agreements forbid you from disclosing the specifics of the settlement, even though there has been much discussion of them in the media. This case really comes down to the morality clause in each of their contracts, and that’s going to be the sticking point, right, on whether they’re going to get a settlement or how much of the contract they’re still going to have to pay out, the network. So in a situation like this, I would think it would be pretty typical that there would be an NDA involved. But I do want to point out that this case really does come down to the morality clause in each of their contracts, and that’

A morality clause is essentially a clause in a contract that many executives and talent have, which states that an employer has the authority to terminate your employment if you do something that might negatively reflect on the firm. Basically, it does provide both the employee and the employer some leeway because what exactly would make your business appear unfavorable? How much of the morals clause must be broken before it is considered a violation? That is the query.

The compensation, according to Stockman, won’t prevent Holmes and Robach from finding work elsewhere.

I’m not sure how much this has affected their potential to get hired because I believe many people you speak with will respond, “You know what? Workplace affairs do occur, she said. “Perhaps it wasn’t handled properly, and it’s obvious we haven’t seen the internal investigation’s findings yet, so there may be things we don’t know. However, I do believe that some employers will be able to overlook this type of behavior and possibly recruit them for other positions on-air or elsewhere.

In November, when Holmes, 45, and Robach, 49, were photographed making physical contact, their once-private relationship became public. The GMA3 anchors were wed to their respective partners at the time.

Later, a source would confirm that Robach, who is married to Andrew Shue, and Holmes, who is married to Marilee Fiebig, had split up over the summer.

The pair, who have shared a desk at the anchor desk every day during the workweek since 2020, were initially only briefly removed from the air when their relationship came to light. According to a source with ET, ABC News president Kim Godwin addressed the relationship in an editorial meeting and declared that it “is not a violation of company policy.”

Despite this, the source claimed that Godwin decided to cut their broadcast “until we work this out.”

Since then, Holmes and Robach have been off the air. In the weeks that followed, Holmes and Robach went on a holiday trip together, and Holmes also filed for divorce.

Tuesday, a source told ET that the ABC investigation into the couple’s connection had not been concluded and was “still ongoing.”

Because of the numerous charges that have been leveled at T.J., the source said at the time, “there is still no definite decision as to when the findings will be disclosed, and higher ups want to make sure all complaints are being treated and taken seriously.” After several alleged workplace affairs were previously publicized, a fresh revelation claims Holmes had an affair with an ABC script coordinator who was more than ten years younger than him.

That being said, it is business as usual for everyone at ABC, the person stated. As normal as it can be at this point, everything has returned to normal, yet the atmosphere is still ominous. Nobody can predict where the investigation will go or what will finally happen to Amy or T.J. Everyone simply wants the investigation to be over as quickly as possible so that the production and everyone involved may move on.

According to another person who spoke with ET, “Most ABC employees, especially those at GMA who worked closely with Jackie at that time, were aware of this third staff member. Will this most recent information prompt ABC to make a decision on T.J. and Amy’s destinies more quickly than later? is the question at hand.

According to a different source, Robach did nothing wrong, and any investigation into her is unrelated to these accusations against Holmes.

She still prioritizes her job and her children while maintaining her connection with T.J, according to the second source. “T.J. is not related in any way to the claims against her.”

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